Updating Aging Facilities

As our school buildings continue to age, it’s only natural that we invest in taking care of them to extend their lifespans. While some enhancements were made with the passage of a bond issue in 2013, work still remains. The following projects are necessary due to age, condition and cost effectiveness of continual repairs:

  • Elementary School Roof - 21 years old
  • Windows - Energy inefficient and repair becoming more difficult with aging components
  • Doors - Classroom and exterior doors/hardware aged and becoming difficult to continually repair
  • Track - Heavily used by community members - with age (22 years old) it’s becoming an annual event to patch and repair sections for it to be safe for athletic use
  • High School Gymnasium - Although it had some improvements over 20 years ago, it’s time to address ways to modernize its interior with a new ceiling, seating and paint.
Elementary Window
Interior Door
Gym Seating
Exterior Door