Reshaping our Campus

Several factors were involved in the development of this approach. Because Bulldogger Road runs through the center of our campus, it is always makes sense for us to consider ways to reduce the traffic flow when available. Also, campus parking presents a significant challenge many times throughout the school year both during and after school hours. Lastly, with the much anticipated addition of the Boys & Girls Club on the West side of campus, it made sense to focus on how our campus could function a little differently. 

The recent purchase of 1.65 acres of land on the West side of the Dewey Church of Christ allows for the repositioning of our aging bus yard/garage away from the center of campus. Once that is completed, we can turn our attention to the redevelopment of the old football field so that it can serve our district more effectively as a parking lot. Finally, with the bus yard/garage moved out of its current space, we can create a more inviting entrance for our football/track facility. This will benefit community members and visitors alike and set the district on a path for potential future development.
Football Entry Rendering
Bus Barn Site