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The mission of the Dewey Public Schools is to create a safe and flexible learning environment that develops the whole student.  We will focus on the skills that are essential for fostering a student centered learning environment, providing all students the opportunity to acquire the needed skills for successful living and lifelong learning.


Education is a cooperative effort between parents, students and the school.  The parent is responsible for being involved in their child's educational experience and for supporting the school in achieving its goals.  The students are responsible for applying themselves to the course of study and for abiding by school rules.  The school is to provide a safe and productive learning environment for its students. By  working together we can make the education of our community's young people a productive experience.  

                                                                      ~ Vince Vincent,  Superintendent


The Dewey Public Schools are dedicated to the proposition that the primary function of publicly supported schools in a free society is to maintain and promote the ideals of that society consequently, the general purpose of education to which we are committed is to prepare each individual so that he/she can participate constructively in the patterns of individual and group living consistent with his/her capacities or limitations, and thereby participate in and promote the ideals of our society.  


Dewey Public Schools will ……


  1. Develop and implement a curriculum that is rigorous, intentional and aligned to state and local standards and that utilizes available technology resources to facilitate instruction and learning.
  2. Use multiple evaluation and assessment strategies to continuously monitor and modify instruction to meet student needs and support proficient student work.
  3. Provide an instructional program that actively engages all students by using effective, varied, and research-based practices to improve student academic performance.
  4.  Encourage the development of personal student learning goals that are age appropriate to engage the student in some personal responsibility in their learning process.


  1. Function as an effective learning community and support a climate conductive to performance excellence and encourages students to develop both short and long terms learning goals to meet academic expectations.
  2. Work with families and community groups to remove barriers to learning in and effort to meet the intellectual, social, career, and developmental needs of students.
  3. Provide research-based, results-driven, professional development opportunities for staff and implements performance evaluation procedures in order to improve teaching and learning.


  1. Ensure that instructional decisions focus on support for teaching and learning, organizational direction, high performance expectations, creating a learning culture, and developing leadership capacity.
  2. Organize to maximize the use of all available resources and facilities to support high student and staff performance.
  3. Develop, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive school improvement plan that communicates a clear purpose, direction and action plan focused on teaching and learning.

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