Student Transfer Information

Student Centered Future Focused

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about our student transfer policy. We appreciate your interest in Dewey Public Schools, where we aim to provide a Student Centered, Future Focused educational experience. We do our best to welcome additional students to our district whenever it is possible.

Dewey Public Schools makes decisions about student transfers in accordance with district policy and state law. We are providing the following information for your convenience:

The state Department of Education requires that the following form be completed to apply for a transfer: Student Transfer Application Form. Paper copies of the form can also be picked up at each school office.

Prior to a new school year, the High School and Middle School will begin accepting applications June 20th.  The Elementary School will begin accepting applications starting July 28. A completed transfer form will need to be turned into the appropriate grade level office or to the Administration Building. Decisions about transfer requests will be made within 30 days of the district receiving the completed application. We will contact parents directly about the approval status of their child’s transfer.

Mid-year transfer requests will be considered within 5 days of the district receiving the application.

New transfers are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who attended the district on a transfer during the previous school year will be automatically accepted pending approval from the district with NO REQUIREMENT to complete a new transfer form. The law also gives preference to children of active-duty military personnel.

To accept a transfer, enrollment in the grade the parent requests must be under the district-established capacity unless the student qualifies for special consideration under state law or district policy. The district’s capacity and vacancy numbers for each grade and school can be found HERE.

Transfers may be denied based on capacity, attendance, and discipline issues.

Transfers for siblings must be considered separately and within the order in which the application was received in the school office.

If the grade a student requests is over capacity, he/she will be offered the opportunity to be placed on a waiting list.

Transfer students must abide by eligibility requirements established by the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association (OSSAA) for OSSAA-sanctioned activities.

Transfer decisions may be appealed by following the transfer decision appeal process as outlined in the District Transfer Policy and Okla. Admin. Code § 210:10-1-18.1.

If you have any questions about the transfer process, please contact the school Principal at (918)534-2241.