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Fall Sports Senior Night

Fall Sports Senior Night will be held Friday November 20th in the High School Gym.


SchoolWay 5.0


Parents, you can now get the school information you want via your smartphone.  From classwork updates to sports scheduling, lunch menus, scores and event and organization updates. 

Our SchoolWay app was updated on Aug. 1st. To access all of the new features, please make sure you are using SchoolWay 5.0! Visit the Play or App Store to update.




Welcome to www.deweyk12.org

Our website has a new look and a new name, www.deweyk12.org !  The name change will provide us with some advantages going forward, but for now we are just excited about the new look.   We hope to keep the site interesting  with timely news, important information, and messages about upcoming events.  Additionally though, we have always tried to organize the site so you can quickly get to what you are looking for.  This will remain a priority.

The new site is still a work in progress, but it is work that you can help us with.  We are ALWAYS open to hearing about things that you would like to see on our site. While there is no way we can do EVERYTHING that is suggested, there is also no way we can do ANYTHING unless we hear the suggestions.  If you have comments, or there are things you would like to see on the site, feel free to email us at websitefeedback@deweyk12.org .  

FINALLY, AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT EMAIL AND TEXT ALERTS.  The upgrades to our website included an improved email and text alert service.  The changeover does require that you sign up with the new service.  The positive is that we have been able to modify the alert categories some to be a little more specific regarding the schools.  Click the link below to sign up for alerts.  PLEASE PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO EACH PAGE AS THERE ARE CONFIRMATION STEPS FOR BOTH EMAIL AND TEXT ALERTS.

Sign up to our NotifyMe� service.


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