Dewey High School Graduation Requirements

Currently, Oklahoma High Schools are providing standard diplomas to students who qualify, but under two different curriculum requirements. At the same time, local school districts have the option of exceeding state graduation requirements in order for their students to obtain a standard diploma. Dewey High School requires a total of 23 cumulative credits in order to graduate regardless of which curriculum path is chosen by the student and their parent. The following lists describe what coursework is mandated in order to achieve a standard diploma. 

Class of 2018 Graduation Requirements

Class of 2019 and Beyond Graduation Requirements

Taking the Core Curriculum does not inhibit a student from applying and attending college after high school but a student will likely be deficient in required coursework and will likely have to take remedial courses once enrolled. We encourage you to contact the college of your choice to determine what their requirements are if your student has chosen the Core Curriculum.