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Joni Javellas

Joni Javellas
School Nurse
918-534-2241, Ext. 1415

Immunization Requirements

Enrollment for Dewey students K-12 requires parent/guardian to provide Immunization record, Birth Certificate, Social Security card.  All students that attend public schools in Oklahoma must be current on their immunizations. Students moving into the state must receive the appropriate immunizations to be compliant with Oklahoma State Immunizations requirements.

The Washington County Health Department will give immunizations free of charge. If additional immunizations are needed, please call to schedule an appointment at 918-335-3005.

Immunization requirements in Oklahoma for K-12 are as follows:


4 Polio


3 Hepatitis B

2 Hepatitis A


Please direct any questions to Joni Javellas


Vision Screening

Vision screening is underway in the elementary building. All students PreK-5th Grade will be screened in an effort to identify potential difficulties. According to research by Prevent Blindness America, one in four school-aged children has a vision impairment that can cause permanent loss of sight if left untreated.  About 90% of all eye injuries and 50% of all cases of blindness are preventable if we teach children to take proper precautions.

School Health Service Program

The School Nurse will conduct vision screenings, hearing screenings and other student assessments as deemed necessary. Oklahoma school nurses provide screening to find children with possible curvature of the spine (scoliosis). Screening will take place during physical education class. Remember these are only screenings. A letter will be sent to parents if further evaluation is recommended.

Illness and Injury

If your child becomes ill or injured at school, the nurse may attempt to call you. It is very important to keep at least two emergency numbers on file in the office. Please notify the school at once if your telephone number changes-either at home or at work. School personnel do not transport sick children home.


Most medication schedules can be arranged so that medicine can be given at home. Children requiring medication during school hours will abide by the following guidelines:

All medication to be given during school hours on a ‘routine’ or ‘as needed’ basis must have proper authorization from parent/guardian and be on file in the office of the school nurse. With such authorization, the school nurse or the nurse designee may administer a nonprescription or a filled prescription medicine according to administration directions listed on the label. All such medications MUST BE IN THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER, BOTTLE OR UNIT DOSE or will not be dispensed and may be discarded.

General Health

Students should be sent to school in good general health and cleanliness and be properly fed and rested. Frequently children complain of a headache, stomachache or sore throat before going to school, placing the parent in a dilemma as to whether the child is ill or just ‘nervous’ about an upcoming event. Certainly if your child has had diarrhea, vomiting or a temperature greater than 100° he/she should be kept home. The temperature of your child must be less than 100° for a 24hour period, without giving medication to control the temperature, before sending him/her back to school. Parents should not send their child to school if they have a contagious illness (such at pink eye, chicken pox, head lice or scabies). If you are unsure, please accompany your child to the office of the school nurse between 8:00 and 8:30am, and the determination will be made at that time. Caution must be exercised to not exceed the allowable absences, 10 absences per semester.