Food Service Meal and A La Carte Pricing

Dewey Public Schools and Taher, Inc. strives to provide students with nutritious and great-tasting meals. We have a commitment to achieving high quality and excellence while meeting our students’ nutritional needs each school day.

Students are served meals based on USDA’s National School Lunch Program (NSLP) guidelines. This means that all meals served are analyzed to meet the dietary and nutritional guidelines established for each age and grade group.

Breakfast Meal
Reduced Breakfast
Lunch Meal
Reduced Lunch
Breakfast Meal
Reduced Breakfast
Lunch Meal
Reduced Lunch
Breakfast Meal
Lunch Meal
A La Carte Food Items
Breakfast Entrée 
Lunch Entrée 
Milk, 1/2 pint
Juice, 4 oz.
Middle and High School Beverage and Snack A La Carte Items
$0.75 Item
Cookie (Freshly Baked)
$1.00  Item
Cheddar Goldfish
Chocolate Grahams
Fruit Roll-up
Fruit Snacks
Giant Goldfish
Pop Tar, Assorted
Tiger Bites
Water, Nestle Pure Life
$1.25  Item
Capri Sun 100% Juice
Chips, Assorted
$1.50  Item
Ice Cream, Assorted
Rice Krispies Treat
$2.00 Item
Beef Stick
$2.50  Item
Soft Drink, Zero Calorie
Tropicana Juice
  • Students Must have funds on their Meal Account or Cash to purchase a la carte items.
  • CHARGING of a la carte items is PROHIBITED.
  • Items and Pricing is subject to change based on updates to Federal, State and District Policies.
  • Only selected items are available to Middle School Students.

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 This institution is an equal opportunity provider.